Moress Charms x Lily Tae

A few weeks ago Moress released a new collection Faunas Of The Fall inspired by the work of artist Lili Tae.


"Lili Tae is a Bangkok based illustrator artist.
In this collaboration #artistproject of Lili Tae X Moress,
we are so happy to be able to work together, transforming 2D art into 3D charms and beads design.
Each piece of character has it's own unique story. We hope that you would enjoy exploring
this mystic forest Faunas of the Fall by Lili Tae."


For this review I chose the 4 charms that appealed to me the most, but I do desire the others as well as they

are truly amazing pieces and think this is a must have collection for every charmaddict.

I love how they are plain silver so it's very easy to add your own prefered color.

With adding a different glassbead you can make a totally new design, endles possibilities.

Together with the charms come little cards with the Lili Tae original illustration and a small story.

This makes it very collectable and storybook like.

It's also nice to see the characters in their true colors.


There is also a Lili Tae silk scarf which has the most stunning colors.



Little Dewie is the cutest, she is a loving little fairy who caries rain drops.

She is double sided with one the one side eyes open and the other side eyes closed.

Being so cute makes her easy to combine with everything else.


Atlas is little pine cone fairy with a little butterfly.
You can choose how to wear the butterly as it's attached with a magnet what is a very clever way to transform the look of the bead.

Cosmo Canary

Spreading it's wings high in the sky and flying in the forest the little Canary is such a pretty little bird.

It makes me think of my favorite birds, the swallow, who I love to watch playing and flying.

How amazing it must be to be able to fly and feel free.

Hearts of Autumn

If Mother Nature would have a face she would probably look just like this pretty fairy.

I love how the leaves give a impression of a big bunch of hair blowing in the wind.

So overal this is a pretty stunning collection.

Excellent priced and very good quality as usual.


I will be happy to add the other charms to my collection and maybe one day they can add a bracelet to the collection as well :-)


Hope you liked my review,


Have a great weekend,