Moress Mini Stones

Today I will show you the coolest stone bead charms from Moress.
They are tiny, faceted, round and totally perfect.


And they have large silver core so can be worn on every european bead style bracelet.

Starting from today (2nd of June) till 5th of June you get 7% discount when ordering 2 or more of these with my code : Helen7


You can shop on the WEBSITE.

The stones look so good together, they make a stunning stone bracelet.

When Moress first showed pictures of the new stones I knew these would be a must have for every collector.

I do love stones a lot but and this new size really appealed to me.

Next to the regular size round stones you can see how tiny they are: W 9.5 mm. X L 8.8 mm.

When I chose the colors I wanted to match the Praan gemstone hearts and they look stunning together.

Every stone has a different meaning with multiple healing powers and I sure can use them now.

My body and mind can take advantage of some magic after a year filled with hard times personally and professionaly.


Not only do stones look pretty next to other stones but also to different kinds of glass.

The matt Elfpetites have matching colors and almost identical size.

Elfpetites have small core so can only be worn on Elfpetite bracelets, Ogerbeads bracelet or Pandora Essence.

Mixing brands and searching for great colorcombos is always so much fun.
The Ogerbeads Moonlights also look pretty amazing next to the Mini Stones.

One of my favorite charms is the Pandora Up Balloon, I love the colors and it's the perfect charm to play with when receiving new colors.

I love trying out mini designs with just this Balloon and colorful beads.

Look how amazing the Mini Stones are!

Naturally I wear the Mini Stones with my Disney collection.

This design demonstrates how perfect the size really is and how cool they are adding color to a bracelet.

It's also very comfortable to wear as the stones are smaller than some of the regular silver beads.

Accentuating the pop of orange with the Carnelian stones.

The possibilities are endless.

Loving the Green Aventurine for Arabian Night design.

Opal Stone , my birthstone, looking smart with the Opal Bunny.

Labrodorite showing off with amazing colors.

The blue flash is very cool and makes me think of ocean and rainbows all at once.

It's obvious that Moress has again designed top cute beads with lots of possibilites and endless ways to style with other charms.
I have been playing for a few days now and I cannot wait to see what else I can come up with.


I really love the size and the colors.


Thank you Moress for gifting me these to explore.


Hope you liked my review and be sure to follow me on Instagram and facebook for more designs.



Stay safe!


Helen xxx