Moress Pinata and Star clips

Recently I purchased the cute rainbow Pinata bead and 2 yellow star clips.

Because I do love how colorful they are I have been wearing them a lot lately.

I can only show you their beauty through pictures.


The Piñata bead has wonderful hand painted enamel colors all over his body.

I love how the colors overflow.

Stunning details with even the eyes very visible and perfectly painted.

Even his tail has been colored and is visbible on the side of the body.

The bead has a threaded core and fits all bracelets.

Looking gorgeous with the Aurora Charm Frangipani's.

Stunning colorful glassbeads from Ogerbeads.

Happy vibes with some Disney fun.

Colorful armparty for a beach walk.

Star clips

All Moress charms clips come with rubbers inside so they can also be used on bangles and act as stoppers.

I decided to get the yellow stars as they look amazing with the 90s collection but also Disney themes .

They make me think of sunshine and do brighten up a design.

Looking awesome with the custom made beads from Tiny Life.

These Moress beads are available on the website.
The Star clips exist also in blue and red.

Be sure to check out the Black Friday sales starting Friday 27th!


Hope you liked my review,


Have a good weekend and stay safe!


Helen x