Moress Rat Kisses Bead

Moress Charms released the Rat Kisses charm a few weeks ago to celebrate 2020: Chinese  Year of the Rat.

When Moress charms asked me to review this charm I must be honest I hesitated.
Did not know if it would appeal to me or my fellow charm lovers.

It seemed very different from the ones I usually wear but  after seeing a few pictures they did get me interested.

When I got the charm I was surprised by the details and cuteness.


Let me show you how the bead looks.

The base of the bead moves so the mother rat and baby rat can move forward to kiss eachother:

As always the bead is made from 925 sterling silver:

Look at those cute tiny tails:

The Rat Kisses bead has a classic look with a lot of darker details.
It would not have been pretty all shiny.

It does look pretty combined with the Moress Heritage Elephant, Red Ogerbeads glass and Minnie & Mickey.

The back of the rat is very cute.

The pink chinese beads are also from Moress.

Although at first I did not wat to think of it,  is a great charm to have to celebrate the Year of the Rat.

Available in limited quantities what makes it attractive to a collector like myself.


Rats are clever, quick thinkers; successful, but content with living a quiet and peaceful life.

I can totally relate to this way of thinking!

Thank you for reading my review.


Check out the Moress website for more goodies.
You can use my code : Charmdluv20 for discount (Not on sales, Ocean collection and newest items)


Have a great day,


Disclosure: Some of these beads were provided as samples