Nalu Beads

During this pandemic period I have enjoyed my ocean walks a lot.

Walking on the beach, listening to the waves and breathing fresh air always gives me energy and relaxes me.

Even on cold winter days it can be very entertaining.


When I stumbled across the Nalu Beads instagram page I felt an instant connection to their passion and beads.

Makes me think of beachglass and happy moments during holidays.


They were so kind to offer me some beads to review so let me share my thoughts.

It took about 5 working days for the package to get from UK to Belgium, take into account shipping services have been more slow during this time of year.
Shops have been closed here for a while so people have been shopping online a lot.

The order came in a beautiful gift box.

Love the Nalu logo and colors.

Nalu Beads also have designed a Nalu Bead Bracelet to make yourself.
You can choose beads and a matching cord to DIY.
Scan the code on the added card and a Youtube video explains you how to make your own bracelet.
I tried and got a pretty good result :-)

I received a selection of pretty glass beads and 6 spacers.
Spacers are a little bit smaller and have a single color.

The beads have no silver core and only fit small core bracelets and bangles.
They are a bit bigger then other bead brands like Pandora and Ogerbeads and I have made a few pictures to show proportion.

Left to right: Nalu - Tiny Beads - Pandora - Ogerbeads (- Nalu spacer)

Nalu Beads vs Tiny Life Beads

Nalu Beads vs Pandora

Nalu Beads vs Ogerbeads

I also received a Turquoise Leather Wrap.

A leather you can choose to wear as a bracelet or even as anklet.

Nalu Beads also has a few silvers like the Sea & Sand bead.

The Nalu Beads spacers are absolutely beautiful and fun to play with.
I love them being one color and I don't even mind they have no silver core.

They are perfect to highlight other beads and give some extra color.

And the best thing is they only cost 2 GBP (about 2,25€) each so I have ordered myself a few more colors to play with.

I do like these glass beads very much as they are very humble and uncomplicated.

A perfect way to express ocean vibes and sealife.

Of course I integrated Nalu Beads into my Disney designs.

Looking great I must say.

Hope you have liked my review and enjoyed my pictures.
I myself cannot wait to get those new spacers (and a few other glass beads).



Have a great Sunday and stay safe!






Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.