Adore Collection

Yesterday saw the first release of the year for Ogerbeads, the Valentine collection  called 'Adore'.

The collection contains 3 glassbeads, one silver bead and the new Twisted bracelet.


As usual the glassbeads are again very pretty, remarkable, gorgeous, detailled and exquisite.

They look very beautiful together.

I cannot really tell which one I prefer, they all are 3 very different and equally adorable.


Purple base bead with shades of denim blue. On top of the bead you will find little flowers made with ivory and silver, finished with an aventurine raised dot.

Oriental Blush

Pale pink base bead with shades of denim blue. On top of the bead you will find bigger and smaller dots, finished with aventurine raised dots.


Pale pink base bead with layered dots of denim blue and purple. Finished with a little bubble shiny raised dots.

Silverbead: To The One

“Never take what you have for granted and new things will be granted.”

Beautiful silver bead with 2 hearts shaping the word 'Love'.

Twisted bracelet 2.0

New silver twisted bracelet with improved lock.
This is my first Ogerbeads bracelet and I do love the look and feel of it.
The twisted chain is very beautiful so it can be worn on its own as a pretty piece of jewelry.

I am wearing the bracelet with the Elegance stoppers. They are a perfect fit.

On the bracelet you can wear small and large core beads.

I am wearing size 20cm.
In comparison to other brands: Pandora snake bracelet (full): 21cm, bangle Pandora & Moress: 19cm

Special set price

You can purchase one of these sets for the price of 89,00€ (incl. tax).

Different sizes are available on the website.

If you should want to add stoppers you get an additional 10% on those.


It's always so much fun to see how the new collections match with the older glassbeads.

These colortones are just amazing.
These make me really happy to play with.

The Adore collection is again a must have and I do hope also their future collections will continue to follow this style of colors and designs.

It is really fun to be able to wear the different colors together and make different stylings.

And now I have the Twisted bracelet I can mix large and small core beads and make new designs every day.


I hope you liked my review,


Have a great weekend,






Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.