Ogerbeads Moonlight Glassbeads.

It's always fun to receive a Ogerbeads package and discover what the new beads look in real life.

The latest Ogerbeads collection Color Vibes included also 7 new Moonlight glassbeads.

It has taken me a bit longer to write my review as I have been wearing these a lot what made it difficult to choose pictures.

Moonlights glow in the dark and have been available in lots of colors. 
The glow in the dark looks green and is much fun to play with.

Sometimes I use them as a small light, like a candle:-)

These latest Moonlight beads are a little bit different from the early ones.

Different colortones in one bead, not just a plain color.

Looking very pretty in a mini design with the Moress Charms bunny's.

The Bunny's having a colorful garden party. 

As a centerpiece with the Moress Mini Stones.

Looking beautiful all together.

Of course I need them in my Disney designs also.

Gorgeous blues to highlight the Aurora Charm Jellyfish.

I also got some other Moonlight glassbeads to supplement my collection.

And with the ongoing promo's on te website it's the perfect time to get more.

Made a wonderful rainbow design with the Ogerbeads 'Love Is In The Air' balloon.

The yellow ones really brighten up the day.

These new Moonlight glass beads are available on the website for 27€ each.

Only the Polar Light Fragments retails for 32€


Be sure to check out the Bead Party promo.
With purchase of 115€ (exl. shipping) you receive 1 free small core bead set from the BEAD PARTY section.


I hope you like my review.

Be sure to stay safe and have a great day,

Helen xxx