Ogerbeads fun

Few weeks ago I chose some new beads from the 2019 Ocean collection. I already had a few of those and it is always pleasant to have complete collections.

To make it more easy to combine with my charms I chose the coral colored beads and the green ones.

Same beads but different color can look totally different. I also ordered the pearl spacers that have been sitting on my wishlist for quite a while. They can be used in so many designs with different theme, playful or chique.

I made 2 mini designs with same beads and both colors. Added the 'To The One' bead from the Valentine Adore collection and it turned out pretty amazing.

It is hard to tell which I prefer best. They are both very pretty and it will be hard to choose, guess it will depend on the outfit of the day😊

I do not have a lot of beads with pearls but the Mermaid stopper from Moress Charms and the pretty Ariel from Pandora look perfect combined with the pearl spacers.



Added the pink Mother of Pearl Heart from Praanbead and the beautiful Seahorse from Redbalifrog.


A little green design also does look very pretty and fresh.💚



Being the year of the Ox and me being born in one of those years I made myself a little Happy Chinese New Year design.

The red/orange from the coral fragments are perfect color to accentuate the red Minnie & Mickey outfit. The little cow from Aurora Charm is so cute and makes the perfect eyecatcher.



The Maldives fragments were the perfect glassbeads for my walk in a gorgeous forest. The different shades of green makes the design very attractive and I love how the soft green from the moss matches the bright green from the bead. Like a match made in heaven.


So these are again exquisite glassbeads with excellent design.


I always love how beautifully handmade the Ogerbeads glassbeads are and the tiny differences each bead has makes them unique. Although the colors can be very different many collections can be worn together and mixed. That makes each design your own unique accessory.


Hope you liked me review,


Be safe and stay happy,


Helen xxx



Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.