Ogerbeads Spooktakular

Ogerbeads newest colletion Spooktacular contains 12 glow in the dark glassbeads and one silver Vampire bat.

The silver Vampire Bat, limited to 50 pieces, is really a very cool bead.
He makes me think of Batman and the little bats that fly around in my garden at night.

It’s so cute I decided to get 2.
That way I can also use them a stoppers (with putting small rubbers on the  inside).

The 12 glassbeads  are totally awesome.
The beads have different spider web patterns and are etched, and some are shiny, a two-color base and all beads glow green in the dark. 

There are 6 different designs.

I have been wearing them a lot and I think I prefer the glossy ones.

But that doesn’t mean the frosted ones aren’t gorgeous a well.

They do look very pretty together.

The colors do have a rainbow vibe.
The Vivid Praan heart looks perfect combined with them.

And also with purple tones looking awesome.

Combining with ofher green Ogerbeads glassbeads.

A beautiful halloween design.
A Spooktacular bracelet design.
Perfect mini design with Moress charms turtle.

The Spooktacular collection is one of my favorites.
The colors are so beautiful and I can see myself wearing them all year.
These will look good in every season, for lots of different themes.

This collection is available on the website.


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