My Pandora Disney Dresses

For those who follow me on Instagram it's no surprise my Pandora Disney Dresses collection has been one of my favorite treasures  to play with.

I did a few blogposts about them already:

Disney Dresses Part 1

Disney Dresses Part 2


Since I first got all the dresses my charm collection has grown extensively and I have shared lots of beautiful designs.

I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of the pretties pictures here in a new blogpost.

I really like wearing them together on a bangle and add one of two other charms.

They really adore nature walks as much as I do and I love how they brighten up the day.

When we visited the happiest place on earth , Disneyland Paris, the girls had a great Princess party and were so happy to be at home.

It was never my intention to get all the dresses but after my mom made me get the stunning yellow Belle dress in Disneyland after a Disney Princess parade I got hooked.
And now I am very happy I managed to get them all as they are being retired and very hard to find.

Next to the Dresses I also have every Princess murano and some other collectables.

The look amazing together and they always make me happy wearing them.

Not only Pandora but also other brands like Ogerbeads, Aurora Charm, Redbalifrog, Moress Charms .... are a perfect match.
I love making colorful designs and spreading happy vibes.

For those who don't really like full bracelets s I also wear mini designs with the dresses.

They are perfect for a pop of color.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these and be sure to follow me on instagram or facebook for more designs, reviews and ideas.


Have a great sunday,