Aurora Charm Patch the Giraffe & Scotch the Cow

Today saw the release of 2 new cuties from Aurora Charm: Patch the Giraffe & Scotch the Cow

Already the proud owner of some of the cute & cuddlies I totally adore these 2 new acquisitions.

The charms are really adorable.
I love their great black eyes as this gives them a cute look and a very sweet vibe.

They look perfect together and you can imagine them playing and running around in high grass.

I love how the charms look young and playful without being to childish.

Patch the giraffe

"Patch the Giraffe is coming to us after a long travel all the way from Africa. This little one wants to make sure you are extra happy, once he is hanging on your bracelet!"


Patch looks great on its own or with matching muranos.
I didn't feel the need to make a lot of designs already because I really want to show the prettyness and details.

Scotch the cow

"Scotch the Cow is coming all the way from Scotland. He knows winter is coming, but a little warm hug from him, will cheer you up."

Scotch is very cute and I totally like his hair.
I do like cows and especially little brown ones always look cuddly and adorable.

Aurora Charm did a great job adding these 2 to the Cute & Cuddly charm collection because even big girls like me will like these.

You can find them on the website.

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Have a great evening,


Helen xxx


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.