Praan Gemstone Hearts

One of the most exclusive and unique charm brands must be Praan.
Even since I received my first mop heart I fell in love with this small Thai Company.

Their handmade mop and gemstone hearts are so amazing.
The color, craftsmanship and materials are very unique.
The beads are very stylish and simple.
I don’t particularly like very complicated and noisy designs.

The new gemstone hearts are very difficult to make as the stones can crack and break.
So not every kind of stone is suited.

The Sugilite, Opal and Amazonite make gorgeous hearts.
I love all three colors and they look great on so many designs.

As usual the beads have a large silver core so they fit all european style bracelets.

Mixing with the MOP hearts also look pretty.
Pink is always pretty, in every different shade, soft or dark, bright.
I love how they look on a Disney themed mini design.
I can enjoy this shape anytime. 
It looks so great on its own.
Next to the pink Ballet Dance MOP the Pink Opal looks perfect.
Like a pink cloud enjoying the passing of the Up Balloon😘
Opals stones can be very different, I love how they look together.
Being my birth stone, I sure do need more opal stones.

The best way to review new beads is by showing how beautiful  they are mixed with some of my other cool beads from different brands. 

Perfect for ocean theme with the Praan Ultramarine crystals and Little Mermaid dangles from Pandora.

Matching colors: Jasmine Pandora Dress and Jasmine Princess from Tiny Life Beads.

Both Sugilite and Amazonite used on a Arabian Night / Aladdin Themed bracelet.

The colors look so pretty and vibrant.

Mixed hearts bracelet looking awesome.

I love colorful designs.

Again these are stunning and a must have.
The hearts look awesome on their own and very beautiful on full bracelets as well.

I cannot wait to see what else they will come up with.
It’s always exiting to wait for the newest Praanbeads.

Hope you like my review, 

Stay safe and be happy😘


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.