Praan Mother of Pearl Heart

A few weeks ago a friend gifted me the Rainbow Heart bead from Praan, a small Thai company which produces handmade beads.

From the first look I fell in love with this charm.
The shape, the design, the color and the craftmenship.

This is such a stunning piece of jewelry.

Praan describes their pieces as artwork and I can only agree:

"Neatly arranged artwork for small mosaic work, cut into square pieces of MOPS in different colors arranged in a heart shape, which can be compared to the love that is gradually created by understanding, passion, charm, and all feelings.

*** Note: Mosaic is handmade, so the colors are not the same and the patterns of the beads are similar because small pieces of the mosaic are made from natural MOPS. ***"

Made from elements of nature I love seeing the colors change with the light and giving it a very special look.

I have been wearing it in so many different ways I can only show you the beauty.

Loving it on mini designs and full bracelets.

I decided to buy another Mosaic Haert for my mom and chose the Love Haliotis.

My mother loves green and I knew this would be perfect.

There are really no words to describe how gorgeous this is.

It's  just perfect.

Last year a friend of mine brought a Paua Abalone and it's colors are really identical to the Praan charm.

I took them to the beach to get some pictures.

Even the Mojito had the right color:-)

As this is a fairly new and small company and they make these each individually by hand you know what you get is a stunning exclusive bead.

I do love unique pieces and I am sure many of you do as well.


They are very good priced and shipping took about a week (Corona times) from Thailand to Belgium.


Follow them on Instagram of Facebook as I am sure more goodies will follow soon.

Hope you liked my review,


Helen x