Praan Magic Color Beads

Today Praan released 4 new Magic Color Glassbeads.

You can find them HERE on the website.

A few weeks ago I received two of the first creations to play with and organise a fun gave away game on my Instagram page.

I was gifted a Rainbow colored one and a Green colored one.

Because of the difficulty of making these not all colors will be available on the website (for now).

The glassbeads are smaller then Pandora glassbeads but do have a large core so they fit every bracelet, like the other Praan glassbeads: the borealis collection.

The beads have 4 layers of color and are faceted.

I love how the beads can look totally different depending on the angle.
The colorplay is just amazing and I find them very unique.

Although they have a different colortone they do look very beautiful together.

I always need some time to play and try out many designs.
It sure was fun to make combo's with these pretties.

Praan always amazes me and I love how they can create unique and new stunning beads when there is so much competition.

They don't care about selling large numbers as they want to offer quality design in limited quantities.

For me they are true artists and I hope to see many more of those awesome beads.


I hope you agree and be sure to check out their website.


Have a great weekend and stay safe!






Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.