Praan Muranos

Meet the smallest muranos that will fit on every european charm bracelet.
The newest Praan glassbeads.
I have been given 3 colors to explore:  Silver Auroras, Green Auroras & Orange Borealis.

They are more tiny then regular glassbeads, about 12mm, which I really like a lot.
Being more similar size compared to the other (silver) charms this creates a beautiful whole.

For now 5 colors are available for purchase.

They retail for 27 dollar what is a very good price should as I definitely would prefer a pair of each color.
Being this size makes it preferable to wear them not as a centerpiece but really to add color and sparkle to existing designs.

Green Auroras

The Green Aurora looks the most like the Northern Lights in Norway.


We have been talking about talking our camper there to see this natural lightshow but it's quite a ride and during winter time we have to be careful to not get snowed in.


It would be amazing to see this phenomenon as I really do like everything stunning nature creates.


© surangaw / Fotolia.com

Silver Auroras

The silver color is less outstandig and has a softer look then the others.

Making it a classy and chic bead .
Of course it looks great in space themed designs but the possibilities are endless.

Orange Borealis

The warmest of the three is this Orange Borealis. Making it a perfect bead for fall theme and cosy designs.

It makes me think of the leaves changing and sunsets.

I think Praan did a really good job and I hope they will add more colors.
The size is really perfect and they do look beautiful in so many ways.

I love the fact that you can wear them on all bracelets and not only on bangles.


You can find them here on the Praanbead website.



Hope you liked my review,

Have a good day,