Purple & Yellow Frangipani from Auroracharm

Today I went to pick up the Purple Yellow Frangipani flower charm Aurora Charm sent me to review.

Having reviewed already the other Frangipani's I was pretty exited for this new one.
Purple is one of my favorite colors and I new it would be perfect addition to my existing collection of charms.

I am very pleased with the color and how the charm looks combined with other beads.
The purple is dark and lights up with the yellow stamens.
I love how the yellow shines and gives the charm a bright glow.

The Frangipani’s are really stunning charms and from very high quality.
They can be used in so many different ways and they are my number 1 favorite flower charms.

Each color has slightly different design what makes them also beautiful worn together.

They are not just a copy of eachother.

This is certainly again a stunner from Aurora and will be loved by many of us.

Retails for 34,95€ on the website.


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Hope you like my review,

Have a great day,