Redbalifrog Seasons European Exclusive

People can be compared to the seasons.
They are born, bloom, and ebb away.
Like spring, summer, and fall they cannot stay.

On the 6th of March Redbalifrog released two new European Exclusives:

the Summer Winter bead and the Spring Autumn bead.


They retail for 41€ each and are available on the Redbalifrog European website and from retailers.

The beads are plain silver with a button, coin shape look with on each side a different season.
You can flip over the bead to see the different sides.

Spring - autumn

Redbalifrog designed all beads with a beautiful tree as main subject.
I imagine it to be my majestic oaktree.

This is the perfect way to show the seasonal changes during the year.


Redbalifrog Seasons. Spring / Autumn depicts the changes of spring and autumn when everything grows or fall asleep...


With rabbits playing and the leaves falling you can easily spot the very small differences.

Summer -  winter

Redbalifrog Seasons. Summer/ Winter depicts the contrast between the hot days of summer and the cold gloomy afternoons of winter....


I do love the Summer side with the sun, full tree, swing flower and grass.

Although the Winter side also makes me happy.
We haven't had any snow this year so looking at the snow, snowman and snowflakes remind me

of playful freezing days.

These beads are very entertaining and the shape is so easy to use on all designs.
I cannot wait to go out in the forest and take pictures with these all year round.
As spring is arriving I think this will be my favorite charm although the summer

side looks really good as well.

Redbalifrog has made yet again two stunning beads with good pricing.

I am already looking forward to their next release.


I hope you liked my review.

Have a nice day,