Redbalifrog Native Beauties

Last friday Redbalifrog released their newest collection, Native Beauties.

The collection consists out of 5 new charm designs.
Redbalifrogeurope was so kind to offer the Gumnut Fairy and the Protea flower to review.

Gumnut Fairy

Australian native fairies are both whimsical and mischievous, using the fallen nutsof Gum Treesto play hide and seek and rest their wings when the sun sets. The detail of this little bead is exquisite.

The Fairy is like all other Redbalifrog charms from very high quality and weighs a lot.

The design is gorgeous and the charm is large and bulky and looks stunning as a centerpiece on mini designs.

I do like the idea of a Fairy hiding in a gumnut, even could be a little swimming pool, filled with cold water to cool off during hot summerdays:-)

Protea Flower

These unique flowers have existed since prehistoric times and come in many shapes, sizes and colors. This is a larger focal piece to add to your floral bracelet collection that symbolises change, hope and diversity.

This charm is really large and catches the eye instantly.

It even looks great on its own or combined with some other silvers.

I do love flower charms and have been expanding my flower charms collection.

Especially in the summer creating flower bracelets makes me happy.

The possibilities are endless and always vibrant.

These charms are available on the RedbaliforEurope website.

Be sure to check out my other Redbalifrog reviews as well.

Lots of great charms to explore.


Have a great day,


Helen xxx