Reverie    /ˈrɛv(ə)ri/

a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream

I have always been fascinated by clouds...

The shape, the color, the power,  the wonder, the happiness, the desire, the dreaming, the anger...
Wherever I am, whenever I am... they are always there.

And when the sky is perfect blue with no cloud in sight we do miss them.

Clouds are timeless, present everywhere, all the time, past and future...

Omnipresent or maybe better ...ubiquitous....

During the pandemic I noticed how much I enjoyed just staring at clouds, passing by, changing shape...

We all believed nature had us all stop and think about what we were doing.... living hectic lives, not realising the importance of what really matters most.

For me it was professionally and personally the worst time and so I needed a new project to focus on.

Having a bit of social media burnout after 5 years of almost non stop posting on instagram I knew I needed to change my routine.
The way Instagram worked for me all those years isn't how it is going today so I wanted to be sure I could keep my account alive and interesting enough for me to continue.

For years I have bought and reviewed loads of charms, made unique designs showing how to combine all wonderful beads from differend collections. I loved everything about it and I had a wonderful time taking thousands of pictures but with a lot of people now sharing the same content, some brands focussing more on the words in the message and not caring for the quality of the review I believe I have nothing more to contribute.

I am a very visual person and I need to feel the beauty in what I see.

Over the years many things were talked about and not realised...

Being out of a job in 2020 and 2021 because of the covid lockdowns made me rethink creating my own Charmdluv beads.
Having made lots and lots of beautiful designs I knew it would be challenging and exiting for me to explore something different ... but yet also keep doing what I love and feel comfortable with.

I had been dreaming of a Cloud glassbead for years... it's such a versatile subject and I knew it would match most of the charms in my collection.

And I have so many pictures with clouds  that remind me of my happy moments...

It took me some time to find the perfect partner to collaborate with.
I was happy to find a glassmaker who understood what I needed and took my drawing and made it into a real glassbead.
It didn't have to be a perfect shaped cloud, I wanted the vibe it gives me when I look at the sky... and we added a little subtile yellow heart to represent a ray of sunshine filled with love.

I was really happy with how the glassbeads turned out.
The vibe is just perfect!

To give the glassbeads the look and finish I wanted I had silver 925 cores made with my logo CHARMDLUV and S925.

These are all hand glued by me with lots of TLC so it's a little bit of my own piece of art.

The cores are 5mm so they can be worn on all European bead bracelets.

For the name I chose "Reverie"

This decribes the state I am in when I stare at clouds....a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream

Also this is the name of one of the songs of my son 'Wiljan' and his music has the perfect sound for a wandering....

Making this my new project I am exited to go out again and take new cool pictures, visiting wonderful places.

Having my own beads will take a bit of the pressure and hopefully make me all exiting again about sharing on social media.
Of course I do hope I can make other people happy as well and expand the collection with new items.
But I am not in a rush... it will be a learning process.

Secretly I dream of a wonderful brand with loads of marvellous collections:-)

To celebrate the release of 'Reverie' I have created a special Promo set!

My daughter designed a silver' Loving Teddybears' bead and I have 20 of these available , limited edition only.


Together with 2 Reverie glassbeads these 3 beads will retail for  75,00€ (21% vat Belgium) , shipping not included.

(bracelet and stoppers not included)


Hope you enjoy these as much as I do, feel free to send me a message should you have more questions.

You can also follow me on Instagram to see more design ideas.

Have a great day,

Helen xxx



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