Teapot Elf

Expanding on the Teacup Fairy theme, Redbalifrog introduces the Teapot Elf!

Released today the bead is European exclusive and retails for 41€.

 Redbalifrog Europe has been so kind to send me one to review.


The Teapot Elf bead is as pretty as the Teacup Fairy.
Same style and quality I really love the details.

The Teapot is very beautiful with little flowers drawn on the belly of the pot.
This one has a tealabel as well with the word: RELAX.

The two beads also look great together as a set.

Redbalifrog always has heavy strong beads and this is no exception.
The details are very extensively like the hands, legs, hair and his hat.
I also love his ears and facial features.

Redbalifrog always looks great with Chronicles of Amber beads.

I have been playing with some designs.

The Redbalifrog charms look great with autumn colors.

Will be wearing these a lot as I do love the European exclusives together.

Hope you liked my review.

This bead is available on the website and with European retailers.

Helen x