The Teacup Fairy - Redbalifrog European Exclusive

Today sees the release of the new Redbalifrog Eu exclusive bead The Teacup Fairy.

Redbalifrog Europe has been so kind to send me one to review and it inspired me to start a Fairytale theme bracelet.


I believe everyone must have some sweet childhood memories about a fairytale story or movie.

I absolutely adore the Fairy Godmother and Tinkerbell.

The Teacup Fairy bead is exquisite.

The design of the cup and the resting fairy gives such a relaxing vibe.

She looks so at peace and you almost want to take a nap in a cup yourself.


There is even a small thea label with 'relax' written on it so the message is perfectly clear.

Redbalifrog always has heavy strong beads and this is no exeption.
The details are very extensively like the wings, hair and her hand.


She will be loved by many charmaddicts, I am sure.

Spring is the best time to showcase a charm like this and to highlight the beauty.

I have been wearing her a lot already in many different stylings.

She looks great with every other brand I have.

She will retail for 41€ on the official website and at official retailers.


A must have for every charmaddict.


Stay home, be safe and be healthy!