Tiny Life Beads

Today I want to introduce you to Tiny Life Beads, a Vietnamese based designer who makes handmade custom order resin beads.

For a while I had been looking for a pretty cloud bead showing the beauty of a perfect blue sky with white clouds.
I do love looking at the sky and enjoying the wonders of nature as much as I love the ocean views.


When I first viewed Tiny Life on Facebook and saw the possibility to have custom beads I got pretty exited.
Sent a few of the pictures above to have me designed a Blue Cloud charm.

Not only blue but also other sky colors have been introduced recently and the set is absolutely gorgeous.
Especially combined with the 'Tiny Candy' bead they look stunning.

Now you can wear each color of the different moments of the day:-)

Together with the Blue Cloud I also asked to design an Eve look-alike.
Wall-E being one of my favorite movies and Eve being such a sweetie I needed this one in my life.

Chose a dark purple space theme as main color.

The details are stunning, I love the bright blue eyes and the red heart.

And her shape is so sweet.

I must say the result exceeded my expectations.

Being a little larger then other charms makes them very charmant and the eyecatcher of any design.

The beads have large core so can be worn on any European charm style bracelet.

Because these are made to order there is no website.
You can contact Tiny Life beads on facebook: TinyLife

Or on Instagram: Tiny Life Beads


Hope you enjoyed this review, more to come soon:-)


Have a great day,