Ogerbeads Winter's Wishes Collection

Last week Ogerbeads released their newest collection: Winter's Wishes.
This collection contains 13 glass beads and 2 silver charms.

This collection is very surprising and different from other brand winter (Christmas) collections.
The colors are very original and I do love how they all work so well together.


To show the beauty of the glassbeads I have made a few pictures where I put them together in small groups.

The 3 charms that are very spectacular and festive:

Beyond The Stars - Galactic - Violet Sparklz

These 3 beads are very sparkling and they stand out in every design.

The beads look pretty in fairy design or spacey theme.

Blueberry & Midnight Dream

The petrol blue and purple toned flower beads with a little sparkle look perfect together.
I do love the colortone and these will also be very pretty during other seasons.

They will look stunning under bright sunlight.

Snowdust Flowers - Luxury - Pureness

The gold aventurine based beads are very special and chique looking.

They look warm and cold at the same time. Almost like frosted gold.

These beads look great together but I know I will be able to make plenty of designs with other Ogerbeads I have.

Like the Artic Glow Fragments that higlight the special blue.

I used the Fortune charm as the centerpiece.

Regatta & Lipstick moonlight

This collection also introduces 2 new moonlight beads.

They are different from the other moonlights as there are more shades of the main color so the beads have more depth.

Of course these are also glow in the dark.

Dawn - Fairytale forest - Dark Purple feather

The softest sweetest colors from this collection.

I haven't explored with these as much but I know they will look great with some other Fairytale glassbeads and purple bright colors.
These beads have a lot of depth in the colors and the use of again the aventurine gold color gives them a dreamy touch. Don't know yet which one I prefer but I do love the Forest green.


Christmas is that moment of the year where we all agree to peace. We come together as one and allow joy to become the feeling that makes us believe in a better future.

JOY – PEACE – CHRISTMAS – BELIEVE, the 4 words this bead is made of.

Openwork charms are always fun to look at.

And I do like the words used here and the size of the bead.
It's a beautiful piece and can be used in many ways, spreading the 4 inspirational words.


“At this moment in time, we, the human race, can use some good luck and fortune. This charm reminds us that good luck and fortune can be found in the little things in life that matter the most: good health and family and friends that support each other. Wear this charm not only to attract good luck and fortune, but even more to remind yourself of the things you already have.”

This Winter's Wishes is another great collection with a good diversity of glassbeads.

These all have large core so can be worn on every european brand bracelet.


Ogerbeads also decided to include them in the Black Friday promo (till 30/11).

So be sure to get them now:-)


5PLUS DEAL - Order 5 beads and receive the 6th bead for free (calculated as a 16,6% discount)
4=3 Black Friday Buy 4, pay 3 valid during Black Friday untill Cyber Monday

Hope you liked the review.
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Have a great weekend,


Helen xxx



Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.